Rivage Pro MC²

RIVAGE PRO MC² (Management of Key Competences): a WEB platform for :

  • identify the skills to be mobilised according to a person's tasks and/or objectives and create an individualised training programme,
  • organise its teaching resources (indexing of productions, resources and courses),
  • Monitoring the progress of the training programme and actions: coordination of programmes, monitoring of individualised actions.

Its originality: the "MC2" expert system for the implementation of individualised training actions in three contexts:

  • To respond, in a refined way in terms of mastery of key competences, to the training needs linked to a current or future professional situation (for a company).
  • To meet the needs in terms of training in basic skills for the realisation of a personal project (e.g.: to obtain a driving licence, to do one's shopping...)
  • Respond to a training specification (Key Skills, Basic Knowledge, CQP, diplomas, etc.) issued by a prescriber.

Rivage Pro MC² : The advantages of the expert system :

  • It is based on the ANLCI's CCSP reference framework and the European Framework of Key Competences.
  • It offers adaptable content (reference materials, teaching resources....) and the tools necessary for their production, thus facilitating the work of trainers.
  • It guides the user to the choices to be made in a few clicks.
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes: recruitment, integration, professional development, guidance.