Rivage Pro SAS


Rivage Pro SAS is a company with strong skills in the use of technology

information and communication technologies applied to different sectors such as :

provision of IT services

education and training.

e-commerce and online sales

European project management and partnerships

Rivage Pro SAS masters the technologies that enable the design, creation and operation of :

  • local and distance learning facilities
  • multimedia applications

We intervene at different levels in the development of projects:

  • strategic studies
  • expertise, audit, programme analysis, preliminary studies, feasibility studies
  • risk and cost analysis
  • definition of programmes, preparation of technical and financial files, assistance in finding funds and partners
  • technical specifications, preparation and follow-up of tenders
  • service delivery
  • training, monitoring and operation of services

Thanks to an in-depth study of the needs, the existing situation, the technological solutions and all the specific constraints, the recommended solutions meet the desired objectives and are economically viable. We support you, from the preparation of the financial file in the framework of European programmes or regional and national calls for projects, to the implementation of the operation on the ground.

Rivage Pro MC²

1 August to 1 December

Rivage Pro Alternance

1 August to 1 December