Rivage Pro Alternance

RIVAGE PRO Alternance: a WEB platform for :

  • To develop and implement the alternation pedagogy at the lowest cost. Facilitate the handling of a heterogeneous public,
  • Strengthen links with company-based apprenticeship masters,
  • To propose individualised training actions.

Its originality: the "TSFA digital" expert system for building and monitoring training activities in the CFA, which complements the activities carried out in companies.

Thanks to this expert system, the CFA's teaching team, locally or remotely, is able to provide the necessary training:

  • Involves its in-company apprenticeship supervisors in real time in the whole process to ensure that the training activities in the company and in the CFA are complementary; draws up the training programme for each diploma and defines the educational progress; finalises and individualises its training activities by developing differentiated approaches (remediation, tutoring);
  • mobilises its resource centre for the dissemination of resources and the production of individualised courses (local and distance learning);
  • adapts its services for each promotion according to developments (new circular, modified programme content);
  • integrates specific training programmes (people with difficulties, key skills: IT, reading, arithmetic, etc.).

RIVAGE PRO Alternance: to give meaning to training

RIVAGE PRO is accessible to all the actors, at any time, easy to modify and update. Trainers, company apprenticeship supervisors, parents and apprentices follow the progress of pedagogical work in the centre and in the company thanks to the tools generated by the expert system: training dashboard, textbook, company survey questionnaire, work-study calendar, timetable, report card, etc.

  • Inputs for apprentices :
    • The understanding of the link between technical and general lessons and the company experience is facilitated;
    • The textbook, the work-study calendar and the report card are available online;
    • The training courses are accessible locally (resource centre) and by distance learning;
  • Inputs for tutors :
    • The survey questionnaire is automatically generated and accessible online;
    • The training objectives are known thanks to the visualization of the pedagogical progression established by each trainer;
    • The company's training capacities and its involvement in the apprentice's progress are formalised;
    • The textbook, the work-study calendar and the report card are available online.
  • Inputs for the teaching team :
    • Daily practices are formalised and memorised;
    • The relationship with the company is strengthened;
    • The textbook and notes are entered directly online;
    • The monitoring of educational progress allows for real-time adjustments (forecast/actual);
    • The training courses are individualised and mutualised.